Buyer Registration

Register as a Buyer and your Badge will be mailed in early March. If registering After Jan. 25th all badges need to be picked up at the show
  • Please Note

    Children under 12 years are not permitted entry. No baby strollers are allowed on the floor. Babies must be carried at all times with a snuggy or type device. Badges will be mailed in late Feb with a printing cut-off around Jan. 25th. If you do not receive a badge in the mail you just need to come to the show and show your ID and we will print a badge on-site. We can also print badges for extra staff on-site.
  • The Vancouver and Calgary Gift Expos are wholesale trade shows free to all qualified retail buyers. These shows are not open to the public. Buyers will be required to produce business identification upon registering at the show entrance. Business identification can include one of the following: Business card, Company cheque, GST #, Supplier invoice, business licence. Once a badge is issued buyers must wear at all times when on the show floor. Samples are not for sale.